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Why should I use checklists for cleanings?

Properly uses checklists to help your cleaners perform better. Here’s why checklists are so effective.

Checklists make it simple for any cleaner to instantly understand your expectations, and provide a safeguard against human error. Cleaners use Properly’s checklists on their mobile phone, checking off tasks as they complete them while on site.

Properly even allows you create visual checklists that show your cleaners how the property should look when it’s staged. These checklists are particularly useful for cleaners who haven’t been to this property before, but they’re also a helpful visual guide that ensures the property is staged correctly.

Studies have shown that even the most experienced professionals forget basic tasks from time to time. Any tiny interruption in our usual routine can disrupt our memories, which means human error is more or less inevitable – unless you use a checklist. Checklists have been proven to dramatically reduce the number of errors made by professionals performing repetitive tasks.

Checklists effectively provide training for new cleaners. Rather than train each new cleaner to prepare properties to your company’s standard, you can use visual checklists to show how the job should be done – with no additional effort on your part. Visual checklists make it easy to explain even the most complex jobs by combining written instructions with photos, so your cleaner never struggles to understand.

Checklists make operations more consistent and efficient, and ensure quality control. You’ll always know that your cleaner completed the inventory, checked the dresser drawers for the last guest’s belongings, and refilled the coffee. You set a task in your checklist for each item, and you’ll know it was completed when it gets checked off in real time.

Why should I use a Properly checklist?


Our team has reviewed thousands of guest reviews and cleaning checklists which means we know what steps make for a quality cleaning that will provide a good experience for your guests and get you good reviews.

What tasks are in the Properly checklist?


Our checklists include essential cleaning tasks such as cleaning the oven, dusting surfaces and cleaning mirrors. They also include restocking and supply tasks such as replacing towels or stocking kitchen amenities you provide. Finally, checklists include critical operational tasks such as checking to make sure the refrigerator has been emptied of the last guests’ leftovers, ensuring the wifi works and that they guests have a way to access the property.

Some tasks ask for a photo of the finished task. As an example, when you or your cleaner are following the job in the app as you clean, you will be asked to take a photo of the inside of the clean oven. We call these verification photos. Those photos are what our team will look at to inspect your property while it’s being cleaned.

Our checklists include professional illustrations of general tasks and we’ll include your listing photos for some tasks so your cleaner knows exactly how your home should look for a guest’s arrival.

Can I create my own checklist?


For the duration of the program, the Properly checklist needs to be used so that our team knows what to inspect for so it’s important that you don’t make any changes to your checklist. However, if there are tasks you wish to add, please contact our team at and we can add tasks or customize your checklist for you.

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