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What is Properly? (For users)

This article is for participants in the turnaround program who want to know more about Properly.

Properly is an end-to-end quality management solution that helps vacation rental owner and managers ensure exceptional cleans, maintenance, inspections, and key handoffs. It centers on the Properly mobile app, which your cleaner can download to any smartphone, and a web application that makes it easy for you to schedule, track, and monitor the clean.


The #1 reason guests leave negative reviews is a lack of cleanliness at the property, followed by issues with entry and a lack of expected amenities (such as Wifi connectivity). Properly’s app helps your cleaners catch and resolve these problems before your guests arrive.


Properly starts by communicating high quality standards to the cleaners you rely on. Using our custom checklist templates, which will be modified for your property, you can send clear, easy-to-use visual checklists to your cleaners along with the property’s location, entry information, and specialized details.


Using our verification photo feature, you can ask your service providers to send you photos of each room as they finish cleaning it, or of individual tasks that you’d like to be sure were done correctly before the cleaner leaves the property. Your cleaners can also use Properly to report problems or damage they encounter during the job.


The end result? A much more consistent and high-quality cleaning job, happier guests, greatly improved reviews, and ultimately the ability to command a higher rate for your property.

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