Welcome to the Booking.com Turnaround Program

Thanks for signing up for the Turnaround Program and welcome to Properly. You’ll find everything you need to get started on this page.

If you signed up for the Turnaround Program after or on January 23, 2020, you'll receive an email with your new username and password for Properly. Your property details, photos, and calendar will all be updated with your Booking.com information. 

If you signed up for the Turnaround Program before January 23, 2020, we’ll use the information you entered in the form to import your property details and photos to the app. All we need from you is your Booking.com iCal link. Here are instructions on how to find yours. iCal ensures we can keep your booking calendar current in the Properly app. You can send the link to us either by replying to the “Welcome to Properly” email you received, or by emailing us with your name and the iCal link at booking.com@getproperly.com

How the Turnaround Program Works

Properly's Turnaround Program is a collaboration with Booking.com designed to help improve your property's performance and prevent your property from being de-listed from Booking.com.

Properly provides quality management tools and services that help you ensure an exceptional guest experience every time. You can learn how Properly works and how to use your Properly account to succeed in the Turnaround Program below.

As you use Properly’s Remote Inspection tool, we’ll report back to Booking.com on your property’s performance. If you pass your inspections, you’ll be able to keep your properly live on Booking.com. 

Have questions? You can chat with our team anytime through our chat support or at booking.com@getproperly.com.