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How do template checklists work?

In the Properly Turnaround Program, you’ll be provided with a set of templates. Here’s how they work.

To pass your inspection in the Turnaround Program, you must send your cleaner the cleaning checklist to ensure your property gets cleaned to a high standard.

These templates are already set up with illustrations to show your cleaner what they need to do at the property.

When your cleaner uses the checklist, they’ll be prompted to send verification photos of the completed tasks and cleaned rooms to the Properly Remote Inspection team.

You can find your templates in the Checklists tab in your left navigation on the web app.

When you send a job, you’ll be given the option to use those template checklists to show your cleaner what needs to be done at the property.

Please note: while you can create your own checklists, you MUST use the checklist to successfully complete the Properly Turnaround Program and keep your listing live on

If you have any trouble using templates or feel the template needs modification to fit your property, please contact us either via chat support or through

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