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How Does Remote Inspection Work?

Remote Inspection is a new service that helps double-check your cleaner’s work in real time.

When you or your cleaner completes a cleaning job, you’ll be asked to take photos of essential tasks in your property, or of a wide shot of each room as it’s completed. These are called verification photos.

Our Remote Inspection team will review those photos while you or your cleaner is at the property  to ensure that every task was done correctly, and that the property is ready for the guest to arrive.

If our team spots anything out of place or incomplete, we’ll let the cleaner know via an in-app notification. The cleaner will be asked to fix the problem and send a new verification photo before finishing the job and leaving the property.

How Does Remote Inspection Help Avoid Mistakes? 

For most problems, being asked to send a verification photo solves the problem right away.

After all, your cleaner is only human, so it’s very understandable that they might forget to empty the refrigerator of the previous guest’s leftover food.

If you ask for a verification photo of the inside of the fridge, however, the cleaner will not be able to forget to perform that task – they’ll have to open the fridge to take the photo, and they’ll quickly realize their mistake.

Remote Inspection can also help catch mistakes that the cleaner didn’t spot, such as missing linens, insufficient restocking, or items that are out of place or absent.


What Does It Cost? is covering the cost for you to use Remote Inspection for your next 5 cleanings within 3 months.

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