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How Do I Set Up Notifications?

Notifications are an essential part of using Properly. You’ll want to know when your requests for a cleaning job have been accepted or declined, if any problems were reported at one of your properties, and when a new booking has been made (so you can schedule a cleaning for that booking).

You should also make sure that your cleaners configure their notifications. You’ll want them to know right away when you have a new job request so they can respond promptly.

Set Up Notifications


On the web, navigate to your profile by clicking your initials in the lower left-hand corner of the page. A menu will appear.

Click Notifications.


The Notifications page will show you options for which events will send you notifications, and the channel on which you’ll receive those notifications. From left to right, you can receive notifications by email, SMS text message, or via a Properly app notification on your phone.

We recommend setting up notifications for all events by email. That way, you’ll always be able to search your email for any change that was made for any property.

Either SMS text message or Properly notifications are excellent options for changes you want to be aware of right away. We recommend setting up SMS or Properly notifications for, at the very least:

  • Request Accepted
  • Request Declined
  • Job Cancelled
  • Problems Reported

For complete peace of mind, you should activate all notifications so you know when jobs are started and finished, when you have bookings, and when you receive responses to your feedback.

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