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How do I invite my cleaner to use Properly?

Properly is by far the quickest and easiest way to schedule a cleaning with your cleaners and ensure that it’s done to the highest standard.

All of the property’s details and its checklists for cleaning are already included in the app, so every time you send a job, your cleaner will get clear, detailed instructions and be able to send you verification photos and problem reports.

If you’d like to know what cleaners think of using Properly, you can learn a little more about that here. In general, cleaners really appreciate the Properly app: it makes their job clear and simple, and protects them from unfounded guest complaints.

All you need to do is invite your cleaner to download the app. Here’s how you do that.

Invite your service providers to use Properly

You can invite as many cleaners (or any other type of service provider, such as handymen or greeters) to use Properly with you as you wish. You’ll be able to do this as soon as you receive your account details from Properly by email.

When you have your details, log in to your account here.

Start on the Contacts tab.

Click on an Invite Service Provider button.

Enter the service provider’s contact information.

Click Next.

We recommend you reach out to your service provider and let them know they will receive an invitation to use Properly. They can find more information about the benefits of Properly for service providers here and watch tutorial videos here.

Once your cleaner or service provider accepts your invitation and creates a Properly account, you can begin sending them jobs.

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