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What Are Properly Checklists?

Properly Checklists Ensure Standards Are Met.

Whether you clean your property or hire a cleaner, checklists make it easy to follow a process and ensure no step is missed. They safeguard against human error. Owners and cleaners use Properly’s checklists on their mobile phone and check off tasks as they complete them while on site. Checklists have been proven to dramatically reduce the number of errors made by professionals performing repetitive tasks.

What are Blue Fresh Start Checklists and Why Should I Use Them?

Blue Fresh Start checklists are specifically designed for properties that have received poor reviews related to cleanliness, or for properties that are just starting out.

They address issues related to cleanliness and maintenance that guests complain about most frequently, and which are most easily overlooked. They are also useful for all hosts as a refresher on which areas to pay special attention to.

The six areas of focus are:
1. Smells
2. Floors
3. Easily forgotten tasks
4. Sheets, linen and towels
5. Consumables and basic maintenance
6. High touch areas (bath and kitchen), disinfecting

The items identified in the checklists are based on an in depth analysis of the reasons guests complained about properties with below average reviews. Blue Fresh Start checklists come in a detail and a summary version. For your first job, we recommend you use the detailed version.

If I clean my own property, should I use checklists?

Absolutely. In fact, even if you typically hire a cleaner to prepare your property, as you work to address deep clean or maintenance issues that may be causing poor reviews, it might be helpful for you to use the Blue Fresh Start Detailed checklist to inspect and assess your property against the standards set in the Blur Fresh Start checklist.

What other checklists does Properly provide?

In addition to the Blue Fresh Start checklists, Properly provides Skills Checklists including How to, Safety and Best Practice collections.

How to’s: How to checklists can be referenced by yourself or a cleaner to learn how to tackle tough stains or other deep clean or maintenance issues such as a clogged drain, moldy grout or WiFi that isn’t working properly.

Safety: Safety checklists provide information for you or your cleaner about how to maintain safe work practices, in particular during the current COVID-19 crisis.

Best Practices: Best Practices checklists offer information such as how to assemble a cleaning kit.

Can I customize a Properly checklist for my property?

Absolutely. As an example, if your property doesn’t have a dishwasher, you can remove the dishwasher task. Or, if your property has an extra task such as cleaning a specialty coffee machine or checking to ensure a parking pass was returned, you can add those tasks to a Properly checklist template.

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