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How Do I Use Properly if I Hire a Cleaner?

Properly is by far the quickest and easiest way to schedule your cleaners and ensure that it’s done to the highest standard.

All of the property’s details and job checklists for cleaning are already included in the app, so every time you send a job, your cleaner will get clear, detailed instructions and be able to send you verification photos and problem reports.

Invite your cleaner to download the app.

You can invite as many cleaners (or any other type of service provider, such as handyperson or greeters) to use Properly with you as you wish.

Step 1: Click the Contacts tab

Step 2: Click the + sign

Step 3: Add your cleaner by selecting from contact or entering their phone number or email address.

Step 4: If you’ve used a phone number or email address, add the first and last name of your cleaner.

Step 5: Click Send Invite

We recommend you reach out to your service provider and let them know they will receive an invitation to use Properly. They can find more information about the benefits of Properly for service providers here and watch tutorial videos here.

Once your cleaner or service provider accepts your invitation and creates a Properly account, you can begin sending them jobs.

Schedule your cleaner for a job

To use Properly to schedule a cleaning job at one of your properties, you’ll fill out a job request. You can access the job request from multiple places including the Library, the property profile and the calendar tab. Just look for the Create Job tab.

Either option will open the Job Request form. Fill out the job request by choosing a checklist, setting a fixed or flexible start time and date, selecting the service provider(s) you want to send the request to, adding an offered price (optional), and a message along with the request (optional).
For our full article on sending a job, go here. .

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