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How do I automate my cleaning or maintenance jobs?

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To make scheduling easier, you can automate the checklists that populate for your properties and pre-fill job requests so you don’t need to fill them out for each job.

You can also set reminders to create jobs at check-in or check-out for each of your properties. When a new booking appears in your calendar, you’ll see a reminder to create a job for that booking.

Create a Job Reminder

To create a reminder for a job, go to the Properties tab and select the property you’d like to set up a reminder for.

Go to the horizontal navigation for that property and select “Reminders.”


Select “Add Reminder”

Add Reminder

You can give your reminder a name, such as “Turnover” or “Disinfection.” Select if you would like this reminder to trigger at check in or check out, and select the checklist you’d like to use when this reminder is triggered.

Add Reminder

You’ll then see the option to Prefill a Job Request. This allows you to fill out all of the job information for this property in advance.

For example, if you know that you would like your cleaner Maria to always clean this property when it has a turnover, you can prefill your job request with Maria as your service provider, her usual rate, and the usual amount of time it takes her to finish the job.

When your reminder is triggered, it will appear in your To-Do list. All you need to do is select the date for that task and send it.

Why doesn’t Properly automatically send the job once the booking is made?

Some of our users have asked us why we don’t completely automate job sending, creating and sending a new job automatically when a new booking comes in.

The answer is simple: there are exceptions to every rule.

If Maria normally cleans this property, but she happens to be on vacation when a new booking comes in, she may not see your job request at all.

If the job was sent automatically, without you needing to review it, that property might not get cleaned at all, simply because no one reviewed the information beforehand.

If we have you do a quick review before the job is sent, however, you’ll be able to remember “Oh, right, I need to switch the cleaner for this job because Maria is out on vacation.” Two clicks and the service provider is swapped out – one more click and the job is on its way.

Another example: let’s say a guest requests an early check-in for one of your properties. Maria’s normal timeframe for cleaning this property is between 10 am and 1 pm – but the guest wants to check in at noon.

If you don’t review your jobs before sending, your guest may well arrive before Maria is done – which is not a good experience for the guest.

If you have a moment to review, you’ll remember the guest’s early check-in request, and be able to quickly change Maria’s usual timeframe for the job.

It only takes a few seconds to review your automated bookings and send them out. We think those seconds are well spent to double-check that your job information is all correct.

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