Accept a Job Request

When you use the Properly app, your clients can send you job requests. If you’ve become a Community Service Provider in the Properly Marketplace, you can also receive general job requests from potential clients in your area. 

Before accepting a job request, it’s wise to review the job details and make sure you’re available for that date and time. You should also review the checklist or checklists attached to the job to make sure you’re willing and able to perform all of the required tasks. 

Even if you’ve serviced this property before, a client may add more checklists to the next job you accept for maintenance or special arrangements for a guest, so be sure you know what services you’re agreeing to provide! 

Receive a job request 

Clients can either send a job to you directly, or to multiple service providers in the app. Depending on your notification settings, you will receive an email, text, or Properly app notification to launch the app and review the job. 

Accept job requests

  1. Tap on the job request to preview the details. 
  2. Check the job details in the preview to decide if you want to accept it.
  3. Accept or Decline the job to send the client a notification.

Clients can send one request to multiple cleaners at once, and jobs are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. If you accept a job and the app tells you that it cannot be accepted, this means that another service provider accepted the job before you did, and it is no longer available. 

Flexible Start Time

A client can give you a range of time to complete a job, but leave it up to you to decide when to do the job within your schedule. These jobs are designated as having a “flexible start time.” Here is what jobs with a flexible start time will look like in your calendar.

What’s Next?