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Step 5: Accept a Cleaning Job

How cleaners and other service providers can accept a cleaning job in the Properly app.

Your clients, and hosts and managers in your area (if you’ve joined the Marketplace), can send you cleaning and other service jobs using the Properly app. Before you accept the job, it’s called a job request. You’ll get a notification letting you know about new job requests.

Select the notification or open the Properly app to see your current and pending jobs.

You can review the details of the job before you accept it. The date and time of the job will appear in this view, as well as the address of the property – but if you click through, you can also see the tasks you’re being asked to perform for this job, the price you’re being offered, and a map of the location of the property. If the host or manager sent you a message about the job, you’ll see that here too.

Click “Preview Checklist” to see the tasks you’re being asked to perform for this job.

You can scroll left and right to see all of the tasks in the checklist and determine whether you are able to perform all of them. If you feel confident you can perform all of the tasks requested in the time you’ve been allotted, select “Done” to be returned to the previous screen.

You can then select “Accept” to accept the job. This screen will pop up to ask if you’d like to accept, accept and reply to your client with a message, or cancel your acceptance.

Select “Accept” and you’ll see this confirmation screen.

You can then return to using the app. If you need to find your accepted job, it’s in your “Jobs” tab of the app in the upper left. You’ll see that where it said “Pending” before you accepted it, the job now says “Accepted.”

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